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Orca the Lagotto Romagnolo wins 'Best in Show' at Crufts 2023!

Crufts 2023 awarded Orca, the Lagotto Romagnolo ‘Best in Show’, the first of its breed to ever win the show’s most prestigious award. But what do we know about this adorable looking canine?

The Lagotto Romagnolo is an Italian breed which originate in the marshlands of the Delta del Po. Lagottos are inquisitive dogs, full of energy and strong working dogs. Traditionally a gun dog, the Lagotto are known for originally hunting waterflows through marshlands in Romagna, Italy. With many of the marshlands drying up, the Lagotto Romagnolo are known adapting to truffle hunting.

With their rustic appearance and kind face, they may look cute and fluffy, but they are a particularly strong build and have a coat made up of thick, full wool-like ringlets to protect them from water, thorns, and the elements of marshland.

Orca's delighted owner Ante, said of the win: “This is the first Lagotto Romagnolo to win at Crufts, so this is so great for the breed - we never expected anything like this!

"We know she is a little superstar, but this is beyond all expectations. I was crying too much watching from the seats; it was very emotional!

Well done to all of the finalists!


Image: Getty & Crufts 


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