About Hugo & Hudson

Hugo & Hudson was born out of frustration that we couldn’t find certain dog products on the market where premium high-quality products were matched with the latest fashion trends. 

Following on from the heartbreak of the loss of my dog Dougal in the Spring of 2016, I partnered up with my Labradoodle breeder, Francesca, to create Hugo & Hudson. 

We are always asked where the name came from, back in those early days Francesca had just got an Australian Labradoodle from America called Hudson, and I loved the name Hugo. 

Once I was ready to welcome a new Labradoodle puppy into our family the following Autumn, I really had to call him Hugo didn’t I!  

Katie with Hugo & Hudson at Buckingham Palace

Premium Quality Dog Products

Our fur babies deserve the best, that is why we have designed all of Hugo & Hudson’s products with high quality materials and attention to detail with comfort and style in mind.

We only use premium materials and fabric which we have sourced and gone the extra step to ensure our products are particularly soft for your dog. 

All of our dog products have been designed in the UK. 

Our stitching for example, isn’t just cross stitched we have added an additional line of stitching for added strength. We use top of the range webbing and our mesh is 4 ply which is unheard of in the pet industry.

Our buckle is uniquely designed by Hugo & Hudson, not only does it look great it is stress tested to 147 kilos. It’s the finishing details on our products which will make your dog stand out from the crowd, including having bespoke branded D Rings!

We have chosen premium tweed for our dog jackets, collars, harnesses and dog beds.

Our dog leads have a bespoke hook, with a locking system and handle that can be wrapped around a table leg, with another buckle to secure in place. All the handles are soft and comfortable.

Hugo & Hudson’s industry leading puffer jackets are better than human grade fabric in many instances. Unlike other jackets on the market, Hugo & Hudson’s have been stitched through the sides to prevent movement of the down inside. The armholes are extra elasticated for stretch and comfort.

Our luxury dog beds are all washable and can all be taken apart by way of a zipping system.  We have put extra cushioning in the base of the bed which can also be accessed via a zip at the bottom.

It’s all the little details and the rivets with our name on that also add to the premium quality. If you want your dog to have the best, whether its for country walks, beach days or in the city, make sure they are wearing Hugo & Hudson London!

Hugo & Hudson Luxury Dog Product Range

We have now expanded our range from luxury dog collars and dog leads to dog harnesses, dog clothing, dog puffer jackets, dog jackets & beds

We will continue with new and innovative ideas and hope your dogs enjoy them as much as we have had pleasure in designing them.

Hugo & Hudson Around The World

Since the launch of Hugo & Hudson in 2016, the growth of our business has been astonishing. 

Our dog products have found buyers from almost every country in the world and is a clear indication that the love of doggies is not just a truly British thing but a worldwide trend of the nicest kind.

Trying to keep pace with our burgeoning order book has not been easy but it is hugely exciting and rewarding to see how our designs of high quality but affordability have captured owners interest.

Our website has the full Hugo & Hudson luxury dog accessory range; however, we are also stocked by small and large retailers around the world.  Have a browse and if you need any advice or questions please get in touch today!


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