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Active Dog Month

April is Active Dog Month, a month that’s all about getting active with your pawsome pal. Spring is a great time to get moving; the long, cold winter with dark nights is no more and with the lighter nights well and truly here, there’s no better time to grab your trainers, lead, harness, and head out with your pooch.

Active Dog Month was founded by blogger Natasha Thompson, creator of Om Shanti Pups. Natasha found that her dog struggled with a type of cabin fever or SAD which many of us can relate to during the winter season. From this she coined April as Active Dog Month to try and encourage others to get their dogs moving more, ultimately keeping you and your dog happy and healthy both physically and mentally.

Get involved in this great incentive by enthusiastically taking a positive step to being more active with your dog. Consider trying new walks, taking longer walks, heading off-road, setting challenges for steps or distance covered, or organise a group walks with your friends and their pawsome pals. It doesn’t have to stop at walking though. Some individuals run with their dog, and even do other exercises such as yoga and swimming. All exercise is good exercise, and a tired dog means you’ve done a good job!

Exercise is an excellent way to stimulate a dog’s mental health. Like humans, it releases feel good endorphins in a fun and enjoyable way.


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