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Pooch Perfect, How to Keep a House Clean With Dogs

Tips to keep your house clean with pets

As much as we love our four-legged friends, sometimes they can really try our patience when it comes to keeping our homes clean and smelling fresh. That wet dog smell, the post-walk mud mess, new puppy accidents and HAIR shedding can all contribute to the difficulty of keeping your house tidy.

We’ve compiled a selection of tried and tested tips to keep your pet-friendly home spick, span, and odour free!

Buy a pet friendly vacuum cleaner.

A staple to any household which has a pet is a decent vacuum. Removing pet hair is by far one of the toughest challenges for us and our vacuum cleaners. There are several vacuum cleaners on the market which specifically target pet hair.

Top tip – look for a vacuum cleaner that has a tangle-free brush roll, that way you won’t be sat for hours trying to untwist the unruly hair from the brush.

Groom regularly.

No matter what breed of dog you have, it’s always good to give them a good groom. We know that the weather isn’t always kind to us but brushing your dog outside will minimise the mess made in your house and will also limit particles associated with allergies from going inside. Brushing your dog 2-3 times a week will help to prevent some of that fur falling off around the house and is a great way to spend some quality bonding time with your pooch.

Clean up little accidents asap!

Living with pets (or children for that matter), can mean that the odd little accident happens from time to time. Clean up any mishaps straight away and use a pet and child friendly cleaner to minimise mess and smells.

Minimise that dog smell.

We’re familiar with the ‘dog smell’, but many of us become accustomed to the smell and don’t even notice that our houses smell like a kennel. From their breath to their toys and even your furnishings, dogs know how to mark their territory with their unique scent. Regularly wash your upholstered furniture and use pet-friendly neutralising sprays in between washes.

The main culprit of musty smells, dirt, saliva, and hair is of course the dog bed. Wash your dogs’ bed regularly and apply pet-friendly stain repellents to keep some of those odours at bay. All our dog beds at Hugo and Hudson are machine washable to keep them smelling fresh and looking like new!

Get the windows open.

As we venture into Autumn, we know that having your windows open isn’t always an option. But, even on cooler days, cracking the windows open for a short period of time will let in an abundance of fresh air, helping your mood and allergy particles as well as those musty smells.

Set up a dog cleaning station

From muddy, wet walks, to washing your dog, a cleaning station is perfect to minimise mess and smells. Whether you have a porch, utility room or you utilise your front door entrance, make sure it’s well stocked with all the necessary kit you need. Ideally set up your station in an area with an easy clean floor. Invest in a hard-wearing, heavy-duty doormat, have your dog towels at the ready and treats on standby to help your woofter behave. A plastic tray which you would usually place dirty shoes or wellington boots on is great to stand your dog in to catch any mud or debris. Whilst the weather is still nice and dry, try to clean your dog off as much as you can outside to prevent any extra mess coming into the house.


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