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Winter is Almost Over

The long winter of discontent is nearly over, and our thoughts have turned to spring or just having our lives back at the end of one of the worst periods in our lifetime.

I won’t pretend it has been easy trying to trade during this awful time. It has indeed been most challenging. Royal Mail caused a great deal of headache, delays and disputes but despite many obstacles put in our way Hugo and Hudson has thrived in a way which has exceeded all expectations.

We have been open all through lockdown and our staff have gone above and beyond to work through this difficult time to make sure that your dogs have their parcels as quickly as was humanly possible.

What next you may ask? The answer is - lots of exciting new products are coming your way!

New Products Coming Soon

Along with our new donut beds which are now up and running on our web site, we have lots of new designs of just about everything coming during the late spring and autumn.

You spoke and we listened, we will have two new colours of puffer jackets arriving, two new colours of our very popular mesh range and five more designs of printed collars and leads.

There will also be new jackets in different materials and designs. We are adding a few toys to our ranges and some puppy products. The most popular Pantone colour of the year is back - Yellow! Watch this space!

We know that those of us who are lucky enough to own a dog have been saved during this time by their unending love, devotion and loyalty to us over the past year. Now is the time to give back in spades and reward them for their utter and complete fabulousness.

Katie Palmer Hugo Hudson


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