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National Puppy Day!

March 23rd is National Puppy Day! Established in 2006, National Puppy Day is a day to celebrate the love we have for our little pupsters. Not only this, but the day is also used to raise awareness of illegal puppy farms, puppy mills and to encourage prospective dog owners to research before buying a puppy or even consider adoption from local pet charities. 

Seeing as today is especially for puppies, we thought we would give you an update on our new work puppy, Freddie! 

Freddie is now six months old and has settled very well into his new home. As Freddie gets more confident by the day it also means that he is becoming more mischievous! One of his most favourite things is to find human socks to chew holes in as well as doing zoomies around the garden!

On his daily walks, Freddie loves to go to the park and play fetch off the lead. if he's a really good boy, then his hoomans treat him to a little bit of chicken as a reward. Every day his character brings love, laughter and smiles to his home and we can't wait for another update! 


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