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Dogs at Weddings: Making Your Dog a Part of Your Special Day

As pet ownership becomes increasingly popular, it's no surprise that many couples are choosing to involve their beloved dogs in their wedding celebrations. Including your furry friend in such a joyous occasion can add a special touch to your big day. However, there are several factors to consider ensuring that everything goes smoothly. Here's some advice, do's and don'ts, and cute ways to involve your dog on your wedding day.

Assess Your Dog's Temperament: First and foremost, consider your dog's personality and temperament. Is your dog comfortable around crowds, loud noises, and unfamiliar environments? If your dog is easily stressed or not well-behaved in new situations, it may be best to arrange for a pet sitter or find alternative ways to involve them in your wedding.

Designate a Responsible Handler: If your dog is well-suited to attend, choose a trusted individual to be responsible for your pup throughout the event. This person can ensure that your dog is cared for, walked, and has access to water, and bathroom breaks as needed.

Communicate with Your Venue: Speak with your wedding venue well in advance to confirm that they allow dogs on the premises. Discuss any rules and regulations, such as lead requirements and designated areas for the dog to be during the ceremony and reception.

Do's and Don'ts:


    • Dress your dog in a cute wedding outfit. Our tweed collection is perfect for the occasion.
    • Incorporate your dog into the wedding photos.
    • Plan for your dog's comfort, including their favourite toys, water, and a cosy resting area.
    • Consider having your dog play a specific role in the ceremony, such as ring bearer or flower pup.


    • Force your dog to participate if they seem uncomfortable or anxious.
    • Forget to inform your guests that your dog will be present, especially if any attendees have allergies or fears of dogs.

Cute Ways to Involve Your Dog:

  • Ring Bearer or Flower Pup: Train your dog to walk down the aisle with the rings or flower petals, adding an adorable and heart-warming touch to the ceremony.
  • Photobooth Pooch: Set up a dog-friendly photobooth area and capture some fun and candid moments with your furry friend and guests.
  • Doggy Dessert Bar: Create a dedicated dessert station for your dog, featuring pup-friendly treats and refreshments.

Including your dog in your wedding day can create beautiful memories and add a unique element to your celebration. However, it's essential to prioritise your dog's comfort and well-being throughout the event. With careful planning and consideration, your pup can play a joyful and meaningful role in your special day.



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