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The Best Dog-Friendly Festivals in the UK for 2024

The UK is known for its vibrant festival scene, and for dog owners, there are plenty of events that welcome your furry friends with open arms. Here are some of the best dog-friendly festivals in the UK for 2024, along with tips on how to include your dog in the fun, what to bring, and how to protect them from the elements.

Top Dog-Friendly Festivals in the UK for 2024

Dogstival (Hampshire) - Held in the beautiful grounds of Broadlands Park, Dogstival is a celebration for dogs and their owners. Expect agility courses, dog shows, and even dog diving. There are also plenty of stalls selling treats and accessories.

The Great British Dog Walk (Various Locations) - This nationwide event is perfect for dog lovers who enjoy the great outdoors. Each walk takes place in a scenic location and supports the charity Hearing Dogs for Deaf People.

Paws in the Park (Kent and Sussex) - This is one of the largest dog events in the UK, with activities ranging from dog agility to flyball and even doggy dancing. It's a fantastic day out for both you and your pet.

DogFest (Cheshire, Hertfordshire, and Bristol) - With events across the UK, DogFest offers an array of activities such as dog yoga, training workshops, and dog-friendly shopping. It's a fun-filled day that celebrates everything about dogs.

The Pet Show (Warwickshire) - This indoor and outdoor event features a variety of pets but has a strong focus on dogs. There are breed meet-ups, agility courses, and plenty of expert advice on dog care.

Woofstock UK (Devon) - A festival for dogs and music lovers alike, Woofstock UK features live music, dog shows, and plenty of entertainment for your four-legged friends.

Hints and Tips for Including Your Dog at Festivals

Check the Festival’s Dog Policy - Before heading to any festival, ensure it is dog-friendly. Check if there are any specific rules or areas where dogs are not allowed.

Comfort and Safety

   - Hydration: Always carry a portable water bowl and plenty of fresh water to keep your dog hydrated.

   - Shade and Shelter: Bring a pop-up tent or a parasol to provide shade. A cooling mat can also help keep your dog comfortable.

   - Weather Protection: If it's hot, consider cooling vests or bandanas. For colder weather, a dog coat or sweater is advisable.

Essential Gear

   - Leash and Harness: Use a sturdy leash and a comfortable harness. A hands-free leash can also be convenient.

   - ID Tags: Ensure your dog wears an ID tag with up-to-date contact information.

   - First Aid Kit: Pack a basic first aid kit that includes bandages, antiseptic wipes, and any medications your dog might need.

Behaviour and Training

   - Socialisation: Make sure your dog is well-socialized and comfortable around other dogs and people.

   - Basic Commands: Ensure your dog knows basic commands such as sit, stay, and recall. This can help manage their behaviour in a crowded setting.

Food and Treats

 - Snacks: Bring plenty of dog-friendly snacks and meals. If your dog is on a special diet, pack accordingly.

- Avoid Human Food: Be cautious of what your dog might scavenge. Many festival foods can be harmful to dogs. 

Waste Management

   - Poop Bags: Always carry enough poop bags and dispose of waste responsibly.

   - Designated Areas: Use designated dog relief areas if provided by the festival.

Protecting Your Dog from the Elements

- Sun Protection: Dogs can suffer from sunburn, especially those with short or light-coloured fur. Apply dog-safe sunscreen on exposed areas.

- Heatstroke Prevention: Avoid the midday sun and ensure your dog takes regular breaks in the shade. Look for signs of heatstroke such as excessive panting, drooling, or lethargy.

- Cold Weather: In colder months, ensure your dog has a warm place to rest. A fleece blanket or dog bed can provide extra warmth.

Happy Festival Fun Everyone! 


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