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Easy Harness - Luxury Dog Harness

Luxury Dog Harness

Our designers at Hugo & Hudson London™ know the importance of making quality dog harnesses to keep your pet comfortable, safe and secure without compromising on style.

Is your dog so eager to head out for walkies that they don’t stay still even for a minute, the easy dog harness maybe for you, if your heading for a walk on the beach the mesh dog harness is perfect as it is quick drying.

If you and your pooch are all about style, whether it be country walks or a run in the park we have a harness to suit your dog, have a look at our Tweed Dog Harnesses, and our colorful Printed Dog Harnesses.

Luxury Dog Harnesses

We have a great collection of dog harnesses constructed to be as durable as possible and really stand the test of time. With unique innovations to make life easier for both you and your beloved pooch, take a look at the styles below.

Here at Hugo & Hudson, we have a harness for every four-legged friend, whatever sized dog you have or breed, your pooches perfect harness is right here!

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