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Cooling Vests - Raincoats and Cooling Vests for Dogs

Raincoats and Cooling Vests for Dogs

Brighten up those rainy days with our adorable dog raincoats! Double-layered with our signature Hugo & Hudson London™ striped navy lining. 

Fully water-resistant with a hood to keep your dog cosy and dry in all weathers.

Keep cool this summer with our new Dog Cooling Vests. 

The Hugo & Hudson London™ Dog Cooling Vest contains a comfortable cooling layer which is cool to the touch whilst in contact with your dog’s fur.

The absorbent inner layer absorbs water when soaked for a few minutes and the outer layer allows the water to evaporate. As the heat of the warm summer sun slowly evaporates the water moisture from within the coat, excess heat is drawn from your dog’s body, helping to cool your dog down even in high temperatures.

Sizing Guide

To get the perfect fit for your pet there are multiple sizes to choose from. Visit our size guide page for more information!

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